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Marketing in a HIPAA World: Balancing Promotion of Care with Patient Privacy

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Health care marketers are charged with promoting access to care. To do that, marketers need to meet potential patients where they are. Like it or not, online searches and social media are how people learn about preventative medicine, new procedures, and possible cures. This charge must be balanced with their other duty to protect patient privacy.

Complying with rules like HIPAA helps keep patient personal health information out of the hands of someone who might use it in a negative way. But it also makes it more difficult for health care providers to accomplish their mission of improving access to health care for all. Join us to see how health care providers are successfully navigating this balance, and how they can effectively execute their mission without compromising patient privacy.

Learning Objectives:  

•    How HIPAA impacts the data marketers need to be successful
•    Why tracking technologies from popular tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, and others creates risk for health care providers
•    What approaches health care marketers can take to keep those tools running while staying compliant

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