Protect Privacy With Secure Server-Side Connections

Freshpaint replaces website tracking technologies with server-side connections to give you complete control over your visitor and patient data.

Eliminate Access To Protected Health Information

Tracking technologies that sit on your website have access to protected health information. Freshpaint replaces them to centralize data collection and only share your approved data through secure server-side connections.

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Get The Insights You Need To Improve Patient Experience

Customer data platforms use server-side connections, which cause you to lose valuable data like new vs. repeat visitors, time on page, and UTM parameters. Freshpaint’s custom-built server-side connections ensure tools like Google Analytics can fully report on all the data you need.

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Seamlessly Transition Existing Google Ads Campaigns

Freshpaint’s custom connection with Google Ads allows you to implement server-side without changing existing campaigns, so your ad performance and cost per lead remain the same.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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