Create New Events Easily With Freshpaint’s Autotrack

Freshpaint helps marketers who don’t write code create the new events they need to measure performance, build better experiences, and drive patient engagement.

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Better Customer Data To Help You Grow Faster

Automatically track customer actions

Freshpaint captures customer actions on your site and a visual editor configures events in minutes.

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Send customer data to 100 tools in your tech stack

Immediately send historical and future data from any customer event to any of your tools using prebuilt integrations.

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Scale your data with a hybrid approach to tracking

Use autotracking to get new data implemented faster. Use precision tracking for more exact server-side implementation.

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Capturing website events and data shouldn’t be hard 

Healthcare marketers shouldn’t have to wait months to get events set up so they can launch their next campaign. Freshpaint automatically detects customer clicks and actions on your site, helping you implement the behavioral data you need to build world class visitor and patient experiences.
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Customer Stories

How Healthcare teams are using Freshpaint's Autotrack for high performance, HIPAA-compliant marketing.
“Freshpaint has been able to enhance our reporting our tracking and what we're doing in terms of strategy.”
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"Being able to just watch this data come through in real-time fits really well with Healthcare."
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Mapolo Buessing
Director of Product, Charlie Health
The beautiful thing about Freshpaint is that I can implement it with very limited engineering work and start getting a bunch of insights and get a more comprehensive picture of what our users are doing.

Configure new customer data in minutes

Marketers can name and configure customer events using a visual editor, instead of pulling in engineering to do it manually or relying on agencies to set up complex Google Tag Manager instances. Point and click on any element, name it, and save it. It’s that easy.

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Power more than 100 tools in your tech stack

Freshpaint helps you quickly set up the customer events you care about, then can immediately send historical and future data to any tool in your tech stack.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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