vybe urgent care puts the patient at the center of everything they do.

This commitment extends to patient privacy, which Andrew Lacomba, the Senior Marketing Manager at vybe urgent care, views as crucial for building trust from the initial point of contact in the marketing funnel. In Andrew's view, taking a privacy-first approach not only builds trust, but can also signal quality service to potential patients when choosing urgent care.

“No matter how hard or time-consuming the initiative might be, if it's doing right by our patients, we’re going to do it.”

When vybe decided to prioritize patient privacy in marketing, they quickly realized the challenge of balancing patient privacy with maintaining their performance marketing efforts.

The Challenge: Balance high-performance marketing and patient privacy

High-performance marketing is often enabled through ad platforms, like Google and Meta, that collect huge amounts of data by default. Those platforms use the data they collect to build massive data sets of demographics and user behavior. They then sell that behavior back to other advertisers through their ad platforms. In most industries, those data collection practices don’t present a legal problem.

But in healthcare, it is a problem because those ad platforms sweep up Protected Health Information (PHI) through their data collection practices. As a result, high-performance marketing in healthcare often conflicts with patient privacy. 

The secret these ad platforms don’t want marketers to know is that they don’t actually need much data to optimize ads for high-performance marketing. Andrew and vybe quickly realized this as they searched for a solution to enable privacy-first marketing. 

“There's a lot of information that you're sending to these platforms by default that you really don't need to be sending in order to continue with your performance marketing initiatives.”

Despite these excessive data collection practices, the ad platforms don’t give users the ability to turn off their data collection practices. That’s where a marketing data platform, like Freshpaint, can help.

The Solution: Implementing Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform

After an extensive search, Andrew and vybe made the decision to implement Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform because it is purpose-built for healthcare, and gave them the necessary functionality to unlock high-performance marketing while maintaining patient privacy. 

“Freshpaint gets healthcare.”

With Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform, Andrew was able to replace the native web trackers that power ad platforms with Freshpaint’s privacy-first technology. Freshpaint enables vybe to continue collecting a rich set of data points, while giving them control to handpick what is shared with ad platforms. This shift from third-party to first-party data results in optimized performance and patient privacy.

“Taking a privacy-first approach with marketing is definitely still doable as long as you have a partner like Freshpaint to help you through the process.”

Results: Privacy-first performance marketing

With Freshpaint's Healthcare Privacy Platform, vybe has been able to continue to use performance marketing initiatives, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and continually improve advertising performance. Not only has vybe eliminated the sharing of PHI, but they're able to send more meaningful data points that optimize performance.

“After implementation with Freshpaint, some of our KPIs are more accurate than they were before.”

Better ad performance has enabled vybe to enhance their overall strategy and consider putting ad spend toward new channels, knowing that Freshpaint will protect vybe’s investment and allow them to get optimal performance out of their ad spend.

“Freshpaint has been able to enhance our reporting, and, ultimately, what we're doing in terms of strategy.”

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