About Freshpaint

Freshpaint enables healthcare companies to collect, safeguard, and activate customer data.

We build the data infrastructure

that powers 100s of

healthcare businesses.

We help healthcare companies grow faster.

Our customers use Freshpaint to make their websites and entire marketing stack HIPAA compliant. It's impossible to use modern analytics and marketing tools without sharing sensitive HIPAA-regulated data. Our platform does the hard thing of moving data from A to B. And then we do the really hard thing of controlling the flow of sensitive HIPAA-regulated data to various 3rd-party marketing tools.

We're building the data infrastructure that safeguards patient privacy while also enabling marketing teams to promote access to healthcare.

Help us build the future.

Company Values

Our blueprint to help us understand the types of people that are successful at Freshpaint.

High Slope

  • We prioritize high potential over past successes. A line with a high slope grows more quickly over time.
  • For us, "high slope" refers to the people that, in an extremely short period of time, achieve outsized impact and growth.
  • We’re a learning organization. In a learning organization there’s no such thing as failure, there’s only failure to learn.

Ignore Walls

  • We break through walls, or hack our way around them.
  • We believe the scales are always tipped toward people who are determined and will persevere. Those that score highly in this core competency have raw potential.
  • We do what it takes. We figure out how to achieve our goals with whatever resources we’re given.


  • We don’t like egos. We value high empathy and understanding how other people think.
  • Bring your whole self to work. We’re people who are highly engaged and can engage others.
  • We have a strong no assholes policy. Brilliant jerks have no place here.

Execution Principles

Our shared set of principles that help us all work together successfully.

Customer Comes First

  • Customers are our North Star.
  • What’s important in the customer’s eyes? Focus where you and your team have the biggest impact.
  • Be curious. Listen, don’t tell. We don’t win unless we understand our customers’ needs.
  • Go above and beyond to make the customer happy. Regardless of if things are good or bad, deliver a great customer experience.

Be the CEO

  • Lead by example. Create natural accountability.
  • Take ownership. Have agency. Be responsible for things around you.
  • Execute at pace. Don’t wait – ask for forgiveness rather than permission.
  • No blame. Leaders are responsible for team’s failures. Teams are responsible for the successes.
  • Deliver results. 

See It, Say It, Fix it

  • Communicate what’s important.
  • Information should be open and accessible by all.
  • Positive attitude and positive energy. Conflict is okay, tension is bad.
  • Be transparent. Verbalize your pain. Disagree and commit.
  • Feedback is a gift. Treat giving and receiving feedback as such.
  • Remember: Over half of communication is listening and understanding.


Remote First

Remote within the US. We are not async remote.

Competitive Compensation

We know what it takes to hire the best.

Employee-friendly Equity

Stock options package with a 10 year exercise window.

Unlimited PTO

With a minimum of 2 weeks required.

Half-day Fridays

Your week just got better. And your weekend.


Save for your future.

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

100% covered for you. Up to 80% covered for dependents.

Mental Health Benefits

Therapy sessions, regular check-ins, and more.

2 Treat Yourself Days

$100 and a day off just to treat yourself, 2x per year.

Free Spotify

Get into flow without ads.

Health + Wellness Benefit

$50/month to the gym, or whatever your thing is!

Go To Conferences

We'll pay for you to go and learn stuff.

Generous Parental Leave

Regardless of your gender, take 12 weeks with your kid.

Life Insurance

It's important, so we cover it.

New MacBook

Brand new MacBook and whatever else you need.

Monthly Co-Working Credits

Credits for 1-2 days/week in an office (if you like).


We custom embroider anything you want.

2-4 Offsites
per Year

We've been to Santa Fe, Mexico, and Greece.

CAREERS - We're Hiring!

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