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Customer data powers nearly the entire analytics, growth, and marketing stacks of today’s B2C and B2B businesses.


What We're Solving

Here’s something crazy: customer data is captured and managed using technology that is literally over 25 years old.

Let’s say you want to see how many users clicked your signup button or played a song. Or let’s say you want to take the folks who added an item to their cart and engage them in a marketing campaign. You have to manually write tracking code for each and every event to capture and log that behavior. Then you have to send to it your marketing and analytics tools.
Engineers are usually tasked with writing the tracking code, but it's often other teams – like product, marketing, or analytics – that need the data.

Nobody studies CS to write tracking code. Asking engineers to do all that work whenever something new comes up drives teams crazy. It produces a lot of code debt to maintain once v1 ships, and unplanned work is super distracting. For the business, it takes valuable developer time away from building product (which is how companies make money).
Our Mission

Stop collecting data like it’s 1996.

Modern technology like cloud storage and compute enable new approaches to this problem.

We’re building an automated way to capture customer data and then send it to all the apps you use for marketing, analytics, and data.

Automatically collect data with Autotrack. Then – retroactively – send that data to whatever tool you want with a single click.

Get back to higher-leveraged work. Stop collecting data and integrating tools like it's 1996.
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