Healthcare Privacy Platform Plans

Freshpaint offers pricing plans for hospitals, providers, and payers of all sizes


Great for healthcare startups and regional hospitals who depend on insights and digital ad platforms to reach new patients

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Compliance plan includes

  • Direct response advertising support
  • Web analytics support
  • 2 projects
  • Google Tag Manager support
  • Autotrack & Precision tracking
  • Freshpaint BAA without edits
  • Data warehouse support (optional)
  • Data activation platform (optional)
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Built for healthcare organizations who rely on the power of digital advertising and patient experience to drive their growth

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Everything in Compliance, plus

  • Embedded video support
  • Web tracker monitoring & manager
  • 10 projects
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Customer BAA with redlines
  • Data warehouse & data activation (optional)
  • Programmatic advertising support (optional)
  • Retargeting advertising support (optional)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you envision companies like Google/Facebook going in the future with these regulations?
How does Google Analytics use IP addresses?
From a HIPAA-compliance standpoint, is GA4 less risky than previous GA?
I’ve heard that YouTube collects PHI. Is that only for ads on YouTube or for organic videos as well?
Are programmatic ad tools (like OTT) a risk to PHI?
If the ad on Google or Facebook contained specific health information, wouldn’t sending the conversion action and click ID still create PHI?
Is it true that the actual text of the ad doesn't cause a HIPAA violation, but rather the violation arises from how you track it on the backend?
Is Google Tag Manager a risky tool to use from a HIPAA-compliance standpoint?

Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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