Precision Tracking

Precision Tracking APIs

One API to integrate 100's of tools. Ensure clean instrumentation with Freshpaint's client-side and server-side Precision Tracking. Freshpaint automatically transforms your data to the destination's required format.

precision tracking

One Integration. 100+ Tools.
Complete Control.

Maintain cleaner code, instrument exactly when an event will be fired, and control where your data flows.

Cleaner Code

Web, mobile, React Native. Client-side, Server-side. Get cleaner code across all platforms, and more control over your data.

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Clean and Standardized

Standardize Data

Collect, control, and debug your customer data once. Ensure consistency and federate the same dataset to different tools.

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Easy Integrations

Developers can focus on product. New analytics and marketing tools can be integrated in one click, without an engineer.

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hybrid data collection

Autotrack + Precision Tracking: A Hybrid Approach

Freshpaint is the only data platform with a hybrid approach to tracking.

This gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of Autotrack with the control of Precision Tracking. Use one, or the other, or both.


You don't need to deploy code for every single interaction you want to collect data for. Retroactively access data with the Time Machine.

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Precision Tracking

Client-side and Server-side APIs to build tracking into your website or app however you want. Collect clean, robust customer data that you control within code.

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Precision Tracking

Integrate once, send data to 100+ tools

Stop wasting engineering time building and maintaining integrations. Build and manage tracking exactly one time. Give marketing and product a launchpad to integrate any tool they need, so developers can spend more time on core product work.


Improve data quality: Properties and other metadata

Use our API to attach additional, contextual information to your events and users. You can add any custom metadata you want to the Default Properties Freshpaint collects out of the box.


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