“Freshpaint felt like it was made for healthcare.”

Columbus Regional Health delivers a best in class patient experience in a privacy-first way.
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Customer Stories

How data-driven companies use Freshpaint to grow their business.
vybe urgent care's performance marketing is powered by Freshpaint's HIPAA-compliant Healthcare Privacy Platform.
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Baptist Health maintains HIPAA compliant marketing with Freshpaint's Healthcare Privacy Platform.
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"By using Freshpaint we get to replace the native pixels from Google and Meta to fully govern what data gets shared with those platforms."

Built-In Compliance

WebMD Ignite uses Freshpaint for built-in HIPAA compliant ads and analytics.

Lauren Anderson
Sr. Digital Content Strategist
Andrew Lacomba
Senior Marketing Manager
Mike Maggio
VP of Sales
Tom Bently
VP Data Compliance & Privacy
Andrew Laker
Web Applications Developer
Joshua Tauber
COO & Co-founder