Improve Visitor Experience With HIPAA-Compliant Embedded Video

Freshpaint helps you create a richer experience for your visitors by supporting embedding YouTube and Vimeo-hosted videos on your site without ever sharing HIPAA identifiers.

Why Do Embedded Videos Put You At Risk?

Hosting videos with rich context about health conditions or upcoming treatments on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo introduces health information to those tools. When you use an embedded player on your website, the visitor's IP address is shared. Now, the video platform has protected health information (PHI). You need a way to eliminate sharing PHI. That's where Freshpaint comes in.

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Eliminate The Sharing Of HIPAA Identifiers

Freshpaint replaces YouTube and Vimeo embedded players and eliminates the sharing of IP addresses and any other HIPAA identifiers, so hosted video platforms never receive protected health information.

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Continue Hosting Your Videos On YouTube & Vimeo

Eliminate the hassle of rebuilding your video libraries. Since Freshpaint eliminates HIPAA identifiers from being shared from your site, it's safe to continue hosting your videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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