Deliver customer data from any source to any destination

Freshpaint enables near-instant access to the data you need to grow your business by moving data from any source and making it compatible with any destination, all in one platform.

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The Modern Data Stack Isn't Designed to Build Data Pipelines

Sure, we all agree that data is essential, but the operating costs and time investment to move it from one tool to another make it out of reach for most of us. The number of tools you have to stitch together to move data around is more like a Rube Goldberg machine than a modern data stack. It’s time someone built a single platform to manage your data pipelines.

Source to Destination With One Platform

Freshpaint connects sources to destinations – like your SaaS tools, product, warehouse, and internal database – then uses the power and flexibility of a SQL engine to map the data so that each destination can make the most of it.

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Source to Destination Use Cases

Salesforce Support Ticket Data to Mixpanel Event Data

Measure if help center articles reduce support tickets. Use Freshpaint to take raw Salesforce ticket data and map it to event data in Mixpanel.

Using Google Ads Data to Calculate CAC in Real-Time

Use high frequency CAC calculations to inform a more granular ad bidding strategy. Export Google Ads data and run CAC calculations that can be attached to the user profile.

Loading existing customer data from Postgres to Iterable to create personalized messaging

Deliver highly personalized messages that drive user engagement. Get customer data points from where customer information is stored into Iterable to create more personalized campaigns.

Get Valuable Customer Data Even Faster

Freshpaint helps get data from source to destination in less than an hour of actual work. Choose a source, use the SQL engine to map the data, and send it to a destination with a single click.

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Reduce Your Operating Costs

Instead of stitching together an expensive tech stack containing multiple tools or wrestling with single-point solutions every time another use case arises, Freshpaint uses one platform with pre-built integrations to connect and manage data pipelines more easily.

Get More Out of Your Data

Getting data from one place to another is often limited by the formatting differences between the source and destination. Using a SQL engine to map the data, Freshpaint transforms raw source data into a format usable in another tool and makes it easy for anyone to define the exact mapping they want.

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Warehouse Optional

Freshpaint can use your data warehouse as a source and a destination, but a warehouse isn’t required to send data from one tool to another.

More Easily Manage Your Data Pipelines

Instead of stitching together a complex and expensive data stack, Freshpaint helps you get data from source to destination all in one platform.

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