Make Digital Ad Platforms High Performance & HIPAA-Compliant

Freshpaint safeguards personal health information while helping you achieve your return on ad spend goals on Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms.

Why Do Advertising Tracking Technologies Put You At Risk?

You need to install ad trackers on your website to get the most out of ad platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. Ad trackers can create issues for healthcare marketers by sending visitor identifiers and health information to platforms that aren't HIPAA-compliant.

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Customer Stories

How Healthcare teams are unlocking high-performance, HIPAA-compliant digital advertising with Freshpaint.
"After Implementation with Freshpaint, our KPIs are more accurate than they were.
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"Freshpaint helped us future proof for all the campaigns we stand up or any changes in technology."
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"Freshpaint offered the least friction to create the highest quality digital marketing and digital patient experiences."
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Why Ad Platforms Need Data

Advertising platforms leverage data to serve highly targeted ads that produce quality leads at a predictable cost—an essential recipe for growth in a low-margin industry like healthcare.

Imagine a marketer launches a campaign in Facebook Ads with the desired outcome of a booked appointment. When the appointment is booked, and that success is fed back to Facebook, the ad platform uses that data to find other consumers likely to schedule appointments. It's a data feedback loop that helps marketers achieve positive ROI through their advertising campaigns.

Remove that feedback loop, and the unit economics for ad platforms fall apart.

Freshpaint helps you restore that feedback loop without sharing protected health information back to those platforms.

Seed Audience from Initial Conversions
Ad Platform Matching Engine
Automatically Targeted Audience
Why Not Just Run Ads Without Any Tracking Technologies?
Won’t Google and Facebook Eventually Sign BAAs?
Do I Need To Worry About Health Information In The Ad Itself?

Replace Your Ad Trackers With Freshpaint

Freshpaint replaces native tracking technologies so you can hit your campaign goals while preventing advertising platforms from ever getting PHI.

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Only Send Ad Platforms The Data They Need

Freshpaint helps you continue to deliver targeted ads while protecting patient privacy by giving you the ability to limit the number of data points that ad platforms receive.

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Only Share Data Using Secure Server-Side Connections

Freshpaint helps you meet HIPAA privacy requirements by eliminating trackers from your website and only sharing data through secure server-side connections.

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Optimize For Conversions With Direct Response Advertising

Drive desired goals like scheduled appointments using the world's most powerful targeted advertising platforms without violating privacy rules.

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Build Your Brand With Programmatic Display

Give your healthcare brand the lift it deserves with secure connections that never share PHI with the leading programmatic advertising platforms like The Trade Desk and StackAdapt.

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Re-engage Your Visitors Through Retargeting

Help visitors along in their funnel journey towards conversion in a way that doesn't share protected health information with retargeting platforms like StackAdapt and Facebook Ads.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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