Eliminate Surprises With Monitoring For Website Trackers

Freshpaint gives you better visibility about the trackers installed across your website, so you can more quickly make the decisions that keep you HIPAA-compliant.

Get Notified About New Trackers

Freshpaint delivers a weekly report to your inbox with information about new trackers installed.

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See Where Trackers Are Installed

Freshpaint’s weekly report shows you installed trackers and provides you a complete list of the pages they’re installed on so you can better assess whether they could be sharing PHI.

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Get Context About Trackers

Freshpaint provides context about the highest risk trackers identified to help you know where to start your audit.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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