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Automate tedious work so engineering can focus on product. Freshpaint integrates your marketing and analytics tools with one click.

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Integrate Your Tools

Send behavioral data to whatever analytics or growth tools you're using – analytics, ads, email, and more. All with a single click.

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Automate Data Collection

Freshpaint automatically collects from your site or app with Autotrack. Eliminate tracking code and focus engineers on product development.

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Retroactive Data

Start tracking something new 6 months from now and you'll immediately have 6 months worth of data to send to your tools.

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Tracking code is dead. Technology has evolved.

Freshpaint autotracks data from your site, and retroactively sends it to your tools in one click.

For developers: Flexibility to focus on product

Developers have to implement tracking for analytics and marketing tools, but often aren't the end users of those tools. Enjoy the flexibility of a platform that enables you to move faster, and get back to core product development.

freshpaint FOR NO-CODERS

For no-coders: Your launchpad for growth

It's now possible to build data infrastructure without a technical resource. As a marketer or product manager, Freshpaint is your launchpad to understand your business, acquire new customers, and engage your existing users.


Autotrack: Automatically instrument your site or app

Autotrack automatically collects data like pageviews, clicks, and more from your site or app, without writing code. Save time getting the data you need for your marketing & analytics tools. Focus technical resources on product development.


Retroactive data for new events

Stop trying to predict the future. You no longer need to track everything upfront that you'll want to send to your tools 6 months from now. Autotrack collects everything from the moment of install, so you already have the data on hand. Every new event you create has historical data available back to the day you installed Freshpaint.


Send data to 80+ marketing & analytics tools in one click

Send autotracked data to your marketing and analytics tools with one click. Backfill your data into new tools. Don't wasting engineering's time building and maintaining integrations.


Replay: Backfill data into new tools

You tools should help you, not hinder you. Avoid vendor lock-in and trial new tools quickly. With Freshpaint, you can add a new tool and start using it right away. With just a few clicks, backfill data into new tools and avoid data loss. Avoid disruptive operational gaps and get back to doing your best work.


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