Make Your Marketing Analytics HIPAA-Compliant

Freshpaint makes your current analytics tools HIPAA-compliant so you can continue getting the insights you need to improve your patient experience.

Freshpaint Blocks Sharing Of HIPAA Identifiers With Your Analytics Tools

Freshpaint prevents all of the eighteen HIPAA identifiers from being shared with tools like Google Analytics while ensuring you get all the reporting you need to measure performance.

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Why Do Analytics Tracking Technologies Put You At Risk?

The December 2022 guidance from HHS made it clear that the tracking technologies that power web analytics tools like Google Analytics put your healthcare organization at risk of violating HIPAA.

The trackers on your website collect HIPAA identifiers like IP addresses and device IDs by default. They also collect data that could contain health information like page URLs and button text. Those two components combined are considered Protected Health Information or PHI. Sharing them with a tool that is not HIPAA-compliant is where the problems start.

Customer Stories

How Healthcare teams are unlocking high-performance, HIPAA-compliant analytics with Freshpaint.
"When my boss told me to get off GA my recommendation was to flip the switch with Freshpaint because we could do it fast and cost-effectively."
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"Freshpaint had the most complete solution that not only solved for HIPAA compliant analytics but also ways to put health systems in control of their own destiny for pixel management as well."
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As Simple As A Page Visit And An IP Address

Say you're a pregnant woman looking for an OBGYN in the area, and you visit a local healthcare system's pregnancy services page. The Google Analytics tracking snippet will collect that page URL along with your IP address and share it back to Google's servers. This is Protected Health Information—anyone with this data could assume that an individual woman is pregnant.

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Replace Analytics Trackers With Freshpaint

Freshpaint replaces native tracking technologies to prevent analytics tools from ever getting PHI.

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Only Opt-in To Share Data That Isn't A HIPAA Identifier

Freshpaint helps you eliminate PHI from being shared with analytics tools by blocking all of the HIPAA identifiers while still allowing actions taken on your website to pass through.

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Preserve Your Complete View Of The Visitor Journey

Marketers expect a complete story of what visitors do across multiple sessions. Freshpaint helps deliver the view of that journey without sharing any identifiable information, instead creating a unique anonymous identifier for every visitor.

Get The Insights You Need With Secure Server-Side Connections

Freshpaint helps you meet privacy requirements through secure server-side connections with popular analytics tools that ensure all the insights you need to continue improving patient experience.

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Avoid Switching Costs By Using Your Current Google Tag Manager Setup

Freshpaint can help restore your existing analytics reports and downstream workflows and help you avoid switching costs by leveraging your current Google Tag Manager setup.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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