Healthcare marketing agencies are trusted advisors to their clients. When clients have a problem or a question, they turn to their counterparts at their agencies. 

WebMD Ignite, a premier healthcare marketing agency, started getting a lot of questions from their clients about how to handle ads and analytics tools that wouldn’t sign a Business Associate Agreement but were collecting Protected Health Information without authorization. Clients didn’t want to just turn those tools off because marketing teams depend on them to do high-performance marketing.

It seemed high-performance marketing and HIPAA compliance were at odds with each other. But WebMD Ignite knew there had to be a path forward. They knew there had to be a way to help their clients unlock high-performance marketing while still maintaining HIPAA compliance. 

So, they started searching.

The Challenge: Finding an All-in-One Solution for HIPAA-compliant marketing

To find a solution, WebMD Ignite put together a search team of engineers, analysts, and marketers to find an all-in-one solution to enable HIPAA-compliant marketing for their clients.

At first, WebMD Ignite thought a traditional CDP might be the solution. Those tools help move data from Point A to Point B, and they’ll often sign BAAs. WebMD Ignite quickly realized traditional CDPs did not offer the right functionality for HIPAA-compliant marketing. Those tools are designed to make data sharing easy, not necessarily compliant. 

On top of that, they are exceedingly complex to implement, requiring many engineering hours and additional resources. Allocating those resources in a thin-margin industry, like healthcare, is a tough sell. 

“Executing a full CDP inside of a health system is incredibly complex. It's going to take lots of IT, engineering and marketing involvement to execute.”

The search team also evaluated standalone tools designed to help healthcare organizations with HIPAA-compliant analytics. These solutions often required completely rebuilding analytics from the ground up and still didn’t help create HIPAA-compliant advertising.

Requirements: Compliance Without Heavy Engineering

From this preliminary search, WebMD put together four requirements they would need in a solution before recommending it to their clients:

  1. Solves the HIPAA compliance challenge for both ads and analytics
  2. Can be implemented with minimal updates to existing websites
  3. Works with existing marketing tech stacks
  4. Doesn’t require hours of additional engineering work

WebMD Ignite spent 6 months evaluating all possible solutions, including Freshpaint. By the end of that period, they decided Freshpaint was the only solution able to achieve each of those requirements. 

Results: Privacy-First Marketing

For WebMD Ignite’s clients, Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform gives them full control over their customer data with a “Safe by Default” approach. This removes human error by giving users an opt-in approach to data sharing for tools that aren’t HIPAA-compliant. 

“For us, Freshpaint had an approach to managing and governing data for healthcare marketers that still allowed them to execute the campaigns that they want while allowing them full control over where that customer data goes.”

With Safe by Default and built-in de-identification, WebMD Ignite clients can execute high-performance marketing campaigns and understand the performance of those campaigns in their current tech stack without violating HIPAA. 

WebMD Ignite + Freshpaint = Privacy-First Marketing Excellence

WebMD Ignite’s journey to find a HIPAA-compliant marketing solution highlights the challenge faced by healthcare marketing agencies: achieving high-performance marketing while adhering to strict HIPAA guidelines.

Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform helps healthcare marketing agencies balance both. Watch the video to hear the full story: