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Unlock High Performance
Marketing & Protect Patient Privacy

Freshpaint bridges the gap between patient privacy and digital marketing by ensuring sensitive data is never shared with tools that aren’t HIPAA-compliant.

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Purpose Built for Healthcare Marketing in a Privacy-Focused World

Replace unsafe tracking tech

Freshpaint replaces all unsafe tracking technologies with a BAA protected platform.

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Block sensitive data by default

Freshpaint blocks data to any non-compliant tool by default, reducing compliance risks caused by human error.

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Preserve the visitor journey

Freshpaint creates an anonymous identification for every visitor, so you can still get a complete view of the customer journey while protecting privacy.

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Avoid high switching costs

Freshpaint’s secure server-side connections make sure tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads work the way you expect without giving them access to sensitive data.

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Privacy Makes Healthcare Marketing Harder

The tracking technologies on your website that power advertising and analytics are giant personal user data vacuums that put your organization at risk of violating privacy regulations. As a healthcare marketer, you need to supply data to those tools for maximum ROI, but you have to do it in a HIPAA-compliant way. Freshpaint unlocks that ability. 

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How Do Tracking Technologies Violate HIPAA? 

It all comes down to Protected Health Information, or PHI, which is any of the eighteen HIPAA identifiers combined with specific health information. 

Name and email are obvious identifiers, but native trackers automatically collect IP addresses and device IDs, which are also considered identifiers.

When it comes to your website, visits to a page about a specific condition, a search for a doctor, or booking an appointment would be considered health information.

When you combine the two ingredients and share that data with a destination that is not HIPAA-compliant, this is where you run the risk of privacy violations. And that’s exactly what the tracking technologies on your website do.

Keep Using Existing Tools By Replacing Native Trackers With Freshpaint

Freshpaint replaces all of your non-compliant tracking technologies to prevent advertising and analytics tools from ever getting PHI.

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Collect Data Using a BAA-Supported Platform

Freshpaint signs a Business Associate Agreement, or BAA, with your healthcare organization so that you can centralize website data collection in one HIPAA-compliant platform. 

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Make Your Entire Tech Stack Safe By Default

Freshpaint eliminates human error by blocking data to tools that are not HIPAA-compliant by default. You have to opt in before any data is shared.

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Eliminate Sensitive Data Sharing To Web Analytics

A web analytics tool like Google Analytics doesn’t need PHI to work. Freshpaint prevents all of the eighteen HIPAA identifiers from ever being shared while ensuring you get all the reporting you need to measure performance.

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Do Digital Advertising Without Sharing PHI

Freshpaint makes advertising tools like Facebook Ads and Google Ads HIPAA-compliant by never sharing health information.

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Eliminate Surprises With Monitoring For Web Trackers

Freshpaint gives you better visibility about the trackers installed across your website, so you can more quickly make the decisions that keep you HIPAA-compliant..

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Leverage Existing Tags To Avoid Switching Costs

By leveraging your current Google Tag Manager setup, Freshpaint can help get all of your existing tools up and running again without a big time investment.

Do The Marketing You’ve Always Imagined

Improve patient lifetime value and build lasting relationships through better customer journey marketing, powered by Freshpaint's behavioral data integration with your other marketing tools.

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Freshpaint is for digital marketing in a privacy-first world

Use Freshpaint to replace all your non-compliant tracking technologies so advertising and analytics tools never get PHI.

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