Monitor & Manage Trackers In One Dashboard

Access reporting about web trackers and take action on them through one central dashboard in the Freshpaint Healthcare Privacy Platform.

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Customer Stories

How Healthcare teams are staying compliant with Freshpaint's Web Tracker Manager.
"You really have to start doing an audit on your site to find out what else is there. Freshpaint helps us do that."
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"People don't realize it's not just a button that you can turn off to get these trackers off your site. With Web Tracker Manager we're able to take an active role in monitoring our site and preserving our HIPAA compliance."
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Tom Bently
VP Data Compliance & Privacy, LetsGetChecked
Freshpaint's Web Tracker Manager helps us ensure there aren't trackers on our site that could share sensitive information about our visitors.

Get A Full Scan Of Your Site

Freshpaint’s Web Tracker Manager gives you a complete picture of web trackers by visiting every page, waiting for them to load, and then intercepting outgoing requests to trackers.

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See Where Trackers Are Installed

Freshpaint’s weekly report provides you with a detailed list of the pages where web trackers are installed so you can better assess whether they could be sharing PHI.

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Understand Risk Levels for Trackers

Unlike generic monitoring tools, Freshpaint is purpose-built for HIPAA compliance. Freshpaint’s reporting lets you know which trackers are sharing PHI with third parties to help you avoid HIPAA violations.

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Take Action On Trackers Discovered

Record the results of your web tracking audits in Freshpaint to give your organization its go-to source of truth.

Mark Safe

Mark a tracker as safe because it’s not sharing PHI to a third party or a BAA exists

Upload A BAA

Add a BAA so everyone in your organization can see why a tracker is safe

Mark For Removal

Let IT know that a tracker needs to be completely removed from your site

Add Notes

Share context about each tracker to keep everyone on the same page

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See It In Action

Watch this demo of the web tracker manager feature set to better understand your new line of defense against the unauthorized sharing of PHI.