Monitor & Manage Trackers In One Dashboard

Access reporting about web trackers and take action on them through one central dashboard in the Freshpaint Healthcare Privacy Platform.

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Tom Bently
VP Data Compliance & Privacy, LetsGetChecked
Freshpaint's Web Tracker Manager helps us ensure there aren't trackers on our site that could share sensitive information about our visitors.

Get A Full Scan Of Your Site

Freshpaint’s Web Tracker Manager gives you a complete picture of web trackers by visiting every page, waiting for them to load, and then intercepting outgoing requests to trackers.

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See Where Trackers Are Installed

Freshpaint’s weekly report provides you with a detailed list of the pages where web trackers are installed so you can better assess whether they could be sharing PHI.

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Understand Risk Levels for Trackers

Unlike generic monitoring tools, Freshpaint is purpose-built for HIPAA compliance. Freshpaint’s reporting lets you know which trackers are sharing PHI with third parties to help you avoid HIPAA violations.

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Take Action On Trackers Discovered

Record the results of your web tracking audits in Freshpaint to give your organization its go-to source of truth.

Mark Safe

Mark a tracker as safe because it’s not sharing PHI to a third party or a BAA exists

Upload A BAA

Add a BAA so everyone in your organization can see why a tracker is safe

Mark For Removal

Let IT know that a tracker needs to be completely removed from your site

Add Notes

Share context about each tracker to keep everyone on the same page

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