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Freshpaint IS TRUSTED By Digital Health Startups
Privacy-based Collection

Customer behavior data that's HIPAA compliant

Freshpaint hashes all user identifiers and only sends data server-to-server so that PHI won't be shared with non-compliant destinations.


Fully control PHI without the engineering lift

Freshpaint helps you manage what's considered PHI and where you can send it. Send the full customer data set to destinations where you have a BAA. Block PHI from non-HIPAA software.

A HIPAA Compliant Platform

A BAA that's not BS

Some vendors will sign BAAs then tell you not to send them PHI. Because Freshpaint is purpose-built to handle PHI and keep your tech stack HIPAA compliant, this is a BAA worth signing.

Get a complete view of the customer journey while staying HIPAA compliant.