“It just saves us a huge amount of engineering effort.”

Atoms delivers a customer-obsessed digital experience with Freshpaint's CDP.

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How data-driven companies use Freshpaint to grow their business.
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"With Freshpaint it takes the data team a day for a full analysis, compared to 2 or 3 weeks of work for the engineering team."

14x faster

Bitrise uses Freshpaint to get data 14x faster compared to Segment.

Michael Poon
Head of Product
Product Analytics Manager
Sasha Oros
Senior UI Architect
Stephen Seibel
Founder & COO
Mario Tarabbia
Founder and CEO
Dr. Don Vaughn
Head of Product
Cody CRoss
Head of Product
Gijs Verheijke
Founder and CEO
brady Gillerlain
Product Lead