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Instant product analytics reports for B2B SaaS companies.

Integration Overview

How June Works

June is instant analytics. It connects to your user behavior data and surfaces the most important metrics you need to grow your business.

Freshpaint Is Autotrack For June And Your Entire Tech Stack


Get More Out Of June Using Freshpaint

Freshpaint’s autotrack features automatically capture and share customer actions and data with June in real-time without coding individual events. The combination of Freshpaint’s no code data capture and June’s instant analytics provides the fastest path to understanding how customers are using your product.

  1. Speed up the implementation of feeding customer data to June by using Freshpaint’s autotrack. Empower non-technical users to configure events using a visual editor, then send them to June and hundreds of other prebuilt analytics and marketing tools.
  2. Never miss an insight. Track every customer event in the background using Freshpaint, then choose which ones to send to June with historically backfilled data.
  3. Instantly create new events in Freshpaint then change key event criteria in June to redefine your metrics in minutes.

Make it easier to get customer data to June
Send your customer data to your entire tech stack using our prebuilt integrations.
hybrid data collection

Autotrack + Precision Tracking: A Hybrid Approach

Freshpaint is the only customer data platform with a hybrid approach to tracking.

This gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of Autotrack with the control of Precision Tracking. Use one, or the other, or both.


You don't need to deploy code for every single interaction you want to collect data for. Retroactively access data with the Time Machine.

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Precision Tracking

Client-side and Server-side APIs to build tracking into your website or app however you want. Collect clean, robust customer data that you control within code.

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Get more out of your customer data with less coding

Use Freshpaint to capture and send customer data to all your tools without the heavy engineering lift.