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freshpaint for hipaa

HIPAA Compliant Analytics & Customer Data Platform purpose built for healthcare

Freshpaint is the only HIPAA compliant analytics and customer data platform.

Freshpaint is a single platform to unify customer data, control PHI, and integrate 200+ integrations across data and marketing tools.
Privacy-based Collection

Real BAAs, not BS

Some vendors will sign BAAs, and then tell you not to send them PHI. Freshpaint is 100% HIPAA compliant: we're purpose built to collect and store full PHI.


HIPAA-compliant analytics, fast

De-identification on autopilot, so you can focus your engineering efforts on patient outcomes.


Control PHI Across Your Stack

Manage your risk exposure with strong PHI Controls (even in metadata). Freshpaint automatically blocks all metadata that contains PHI.

id masking

ID Masking: Control PHI across your stack with de-identification.

Unlock 200+ turnkey destinations. Even the vendors that don't sign BAAs. Whether you want to send data to a HIPAA-compliant destination like your data warehouse or a 3rd-party analytics tool that doesn't sign BAAs, Freshpaint has you covered.

How it works

  1. Make an identify call to Freshpaint. Freshpaint builds or updates customer profiles.
  2. For HIPAA-compliant destinations: Freshpaint sends customer profiles (with PHI) to HIPAA compliant destinations normally.
  3. For non-HIPAA compliant destinations: Freshpaint cryptographically hashes user identifiers and sends data server-to-server. No PHI is shared with the destination.
  4. You still get the full functionality to slice and dice data to your heart's desire in your downstream tool. Identity resolution, user-level granularity, group by properties, and more are all preserved.

Enforced Allowlists: Block PHI in metadata, automatically.

Eliminate human error as a compliance risk. For destinations that are not HIPAA-compliant, Freshpaint's Enforced Allowlists automatically block PHI in event & user properties.

How it works

  1. Flag destinations that have BAAs.
  2. Build an allowlist of event, user, and group properties that are safe to go to non-HIPAA compliant destinations.
  3. Freshpaint screens data as it comes in.
  4. All properties flow to HIPAA-compliant destinations as normal.
  5. For destinations without BAAs, Freshpaint automatically blocks PHI metadata from going to that destination.
  6. Only the properties containing sensitive data are blocked. The rest of the event payload or user profile still sends.

For marketers: Build audiences with PHI, activate without PHI

  1. Build audiences using PHI with Cohorts
  2. All health information & context gets stripped out
  3. Only the list of users are sent to marketing tools.
hybrid data collection

Autotrack + Precision Tracking: A Hybrid Approach

Freshpaint is the only data platform with a hybrid approach to tracking.

This gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of Autotrack with the control of Precision Tracking. Use one, or the other, or both.


You don't need to deploy code for every single interaction you want to collect data for. Retroactively access data with the Time Machine.

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Precision Tracking

Client-side and Server-side APIs to build tracking into your website or app however you want. Collect clean, robust customer data that you control at the code level.

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Privacy-focused tracking
Freshpaint offers best-in-class technical safeguards for processing and storing the most sensitive customer information – health data.
PHI management on autopilot
Send an identify call. That's it. Freshpaint handles identity resolution, device merging, ID hashing, integrations, and delivering data.
Reduced security footprint
Why send PHI to part of your stack when you don't have to? Get granular product analytics and personalize the patient experience, without the compliance headaches.
Unlock a sea of vendors
Vendor options limited by HIPAA compliance? Costs too much to sign a BAA? Now you can use your preferred tools without a BAA. Freshpaint has 200+ turnkey integrations.

The only HIPAA-compliant customer data platform.