🏥 HHS Issues New HIPAA Guidelines. 4 Approaches to Staying Compliant
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HIPAA Compliant Customer Data Platform Purpose Built for Healthcare

Freshpaint helps healthcare providers keep their first-party customer data HIPAA-compliant by default.

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Stay HIPAA Compliant by Default


De-identify User Data

Freshpaint's ID Masking hashes user identifiers in a HIPAA-compliant way out of the box so you can track customer behavior without revealing the user.

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Block sensitive data

Freshpaint's Enforced Allowlists block PHI by default and by destination, reducing compliance risks caused by human errors.

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BAA for full protection

Freshpaint is 100% HIPAA compliant. It's purpose-built to replace unsafe tracking pixels to collect, store, and manage PHI across your entire tech stack.

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The tracking technologies are the issue - replace them

HHS’s latest guidelines have caused plenty of problems and confusion. But the issue isn't with the tools you rely on like Google Analytics. The issue is specifically with the tracking technologies that companies like Google and Facebook use to suck up as much of your visitor data as they can get.

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Keep your customer data safe by default

Safely send customer data to destinations that are not HIPAA compliant, like Google Analytics, so you can track behavior without revealing who the user is. Freshpaint's ID Masking de-identifies user data in an irreversible way out of the box.

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Reduce your security footprint

Other tools require you to filter out PHI manually so it doesn't end up in non-compliant destinations. This opens you up to human errors. Freshpaint automatically blocks PHI in events and user properties from going to non-HIPAA compliant destinations.


Build better audiences with PHI, advertise without it

Ad platforms like Facebook and Google don't sign BAAs. So how do you leverage rich customer data to create more target-rich audiences while staying HIPAA compliant? Freshpaint helps you build audiences using PHI in a BAA-protected platform, then sends the user data without PHI to your ad platform.

Privacy-focused tracking technology
Freshpaint helps you meet HHS guidelines in keeping your first party customer data HIPAA compliant.
PHI management on autopilot
Send an identify call. Freshpaint handles the rest by default. Identity resolution, device merging, ID hashing, and safe data delivery.
Reduced security footprint
HHS specifically calls out limiting the sharing of PHI. Freshpaint makes it easy to choose where and where not to send sensitive data.
Choose the best tools
Don’t limit your choice of software options due to lack of HIPAA compliance or expensive BAAs. Freshpaint’s safe approach lets you use certain tools without a BAA.

Keep your customer data HIPAA compliant by default

Get the customer data you need to grow your business all in a HIPAA compliant way.

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