More Than A BAA:

HIPAA Compliant Growth Stacks For Startups

HIPAA compliance is more than just a BAA. Protecting your users' PHI is more complex than that.

This complexity is usually only mastered by huge companies with the resources and headcount to properly deal with HIPAA. Startups are left out to dry.

Startups today assemble stacks of best-of-breed analytics and marketing tools to grow their business, fast. And it's necessary for all these tools talk to each other.

You have a BAA in place with certain vendors. But not other vendors because they don't touch PHI....right?

How many times have you heard "Yeah I guess IP address isn't that bad, there's nothing we can do about it"?

Learn from Two Chairs, a Series B mental healthcare startup, on how to build a HIPAA-compliant growth stack. Here's what's covered:

  • Two Chairs' journey in building a growth stack that actually protects their users' PHI
  • What goes into HIPAA compliance beyond "just a BAA"
  • Considerations for vendors in your growth stack
  • How to architect a growth stack that's on the cutting-edge of HIPAA compliance
  • Recorded Q&A

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